How far will Bryanmark build away from Pittsburg, TX?

The short answer: 150 miles. If you have the vision and the location, we have the expertise and the dedication to turn it into reality.

How far will Bryanmark Build?

Located in the heart of Pittsburg, TX, our Bryanmark Design Shop serves as the starting point for bringing your custom projects to life. We take pride in our expansive service area, building dreams within a 150-mile driving radius of our shop. Whether your project is in our backyard or further afield, Bryanmark's dedicated team is committed to crafting your dream barndominium, metal shop, or custom home. If you've envisioned it and have the perfect location, rest assured that our expertise and unwavering commitment will bring it to fruition.

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Immerse yourself in a world of inspiration at our head office in Pittsburg, TX. A team of experts is standing by and ready to guide you on a fun and stress-free journey to create a dream home that truly reflects your unique vision.