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Dreaming of a Custom Barndominium?

Your Dream Barndo is Just a Call Away with Bryanmark Construction!

Experience a whole new way of living with Bryanmark Construction. For over 20 years, we’ve specialized in crafting beautiful, custom barndominiums tailored to your needs. No project is too big or too small for our experienced teams.

What makes your buildings different than the other shop buildings on the market?

We’re so glad you asked! First, they’re build by a registered and insured contractor.
In addition, here are the top three qualities that set our buildings appart from the rest:

Built on a Solid foundation

All of our buildings come with a 4″ slab with 3500psi and 3/8″ rebar. We first pour the foudation, and then build on top to ensure long lasting durability. 

Stud Framed building

These are NOT pole barns. Our buildings are framed with 2×4 studs walls on either 16 or 24 in centers

Fully insulated buildings

Our buildings are fully insulated using foil-backed double bubble insulation with up to an R10 insulating value. Spray foam upgrade option is available.

Color Selection for Roof, Walls & Trim

Depending on your screen type and settings, the actual colors may vary.

Alamo White

Brite Red

Burnished Slate

Metallic Copper


Ocean Blue


Ash Grey

Brilliant White


Fern Green

Hunter Green

Pewter Gray





Gallery Blue

Light Stone

Rustic Red

How will you put your new building to use?

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Proud to Serve All of Northeast Texas

We are commited to providing you with the best custom homes and metal buildings

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