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Your dream home is just a call away!

And once it’s built, you’ll sleep sound knowing over 16 years of custom home building experience are at its foundation. Our goal is to make your dream home better than you ever imagined possible. From design to construction, we’ve got you covered.


"How are your custom homes different from other builders in the market?"

We’re so glad you asked! First, they’re built by a registered and insured contractor.
In addition, here are the top three qualities that set our homes apart from the rest:

Built on a Solid Foundation

Our foundations are 4” thick with 3500PSI concrete with Post Tension Cable

Stud-Framed Homes

Our custom homes are framed with 2×4 stud walls on 16 in centers.

Fully-Insulated Homes

Our turnkey homes are fully insulated with premium spray foam. 

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Financing Options

Visit our preferred lenders and explore financing options specifically tailored to meet your needs!

Immerse yourself in a world of inspiration at our head office in Pittsburg, TX. A team of experts is standing by and ready to guide you on a fun and stress-free journey to create a dream home that truly reflects your unique vision.

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